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CKF On-Line Registration and Membership FAQ.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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About Registration
Q: I have changed Dojo, Should I register again?

No. Under no circumstance you have to register again. If that is the case, or if you have changed your address or moved to another province all you need to do is to login and update your profile.

Q: I have completed the registration form but I didn't get any email back, what can be wrong?

Despite it is not common, it may happen. Some common reasons are:
  • Your mailbox is full. Sometimes we do not delete messages and the mailbox has a limitation thus, it will reject any new incoming mail.
  • Depending on the settings for treating junk or suspicious mail of your email software (Outlook for example), our email may end up on the junk folder or to be deleted. Please check there if possible.
  • Glitches in the various networks involved in the delivery process.
  • Spam filters installed in your computer.
  • There are many more reasons unfortunately all of the above it is beyond our control

Q: So, if I do not get that email, do I have to re-submit my registration?

No. If that is the case, please contact us and provide your first and lastname

Q: I have made a mistake and I have submitted my registration twice, what can I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible and provide the MemberIDs you got.
You can have one MemberID ONLY therefore, we will delete the extra one.

Q: I have young children that practice Kendo, should I register them?


Q: I have children that practice Kendo but they are too young and they do not have an email address, what should I do?

You have 2 options:
  1. You can create an email account in one of the many free email services available on the internet (hotmail, gmail, etc) for each of your under age family members and use it for the registration process (recommended)
  2. You can use your own email address when registering your under age Kendoka. The key is the Unique Member ID number that you will receive the return email from the CKF.

Q: I practice Kendo and Iaido but I've made a mistake and I've only checked Kendo in my registration form, what can I do?

No Problem. After you login, you will be able to change your own profile. Click on "Change My Profile" and adjust the section for your additional discipline

Q: I practice Kendo and Jodo, should I pay membership fees for each discipline?

No. You will pay only one membership fee to the CKF regardless the number of disciplines you practice.

Q: I do not have a computer, nor am I a computer person, what can I do?

Ask a fellow Kendoka from the dojo to assist you with your registration. They can help via computer access or help to set you up with an email account.

Q: Is my information safe?

Yes. The CKF WILL NOT not require from you any critical information such as SIN, Credit Card, etc.
All the information you will provide is the same information that you have already provided before to the CKF in paper format.
Passwords and Date of Birth however, will be encrypted for protection.

Q: Why that Unique member ID number is so important?

That number will help to identify you on the system. For example, we can have many people called J.Doe,
living on the same address, practicing in the same dojo and having the same telephone number, however, there will be ONLY ONE J.Doe #3990 therefore, that number will be the key to redirect your payments or grading application to the right place.

Q: I am new to Kendo and I have no rank. What graduation date should I have to enter?

For your rank, you have to select the "Below 1st. Kyu" option and, for the graduation date, please enter the approximate month and year when you started practicing your discipline.

Q: I practice Kendo in one Dojo and Iaido in a different Dojo, can I list both dojos?

Yes; you will be able to enter up to 3 Dojos assuming that you are a registered member on each Dojo. The system will also allow you to change the main Dojo and remove or change any of the other two

Q: I don't belong to any Dojo, can I register ?

Yes. When selecting a Dojo, please select the last option from the Dojo's drop down list (ZZ CKF Virtual Dojo).

Q: Can I see how the registration process looks like? Do you have a step-by-step tutorial available?

Yes. Please click here

Login and Passwords
Q: I am having problems to login, what can be wrong??

One of the most common problems could be to mistype the password. The passwords are case sensitive. For example, the word KENDO, kendo and KeNDo are not the same and the system will treat them as 3 different entities.

One way to avoid this problem is to copy and paste the password that has been sent to you until you can finish the registration process and then change your password to something more familiar and easy to remember.

Also, sometimes the system can be just busy and reject your request for no other reason. If that is the case then you should try again later.

If the problem persists then, contact the CKF for additional support.

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

You will be able to reset your password but you have to provide your memberID, your loginID and your date of birth

Q: What happens if I've lost all the information including my MemberID? Should I have to complete the registration form again?

No. You have to contact the CKF and provide your name, we will be able to search the database for your credentials. Also, your Dojo administrator will be able to help you.

Q: I don't see any payment options, why?

Membership payments will be required automatically when you login.

Q: How I will pay my fees?

Payments will be done using the services of PayPal.

Q: Why PayPal?

PayPal is an Ebay company and it is used daily by millions of people around the world.
Paypal is safe and also offers a variety of payment options for you to choose.

Q: Payment procedures

To pay your fees (and other fees in the near future) do the following:
  1. Login into the CKF secure site using the credentials provided at the time of your registration.
  2. Go to the payment page. A payment button for Adult or Junior fees will display. The button is age-driven therefore, of you are not a junior you will see only the Adult button.
  3. Click on that button, it will re-direct you to PayPal's secure site.
  4. Finish the payment using your credit card or your paypal account.
  5. Upon completion of the payment, you will be redirected back to the CKF's site either automatically or by a button that will appear and prompt you to click on it (when using a Credit Card Payments)
As mentioned, the display of the payment buttons are based on age where 15 years of age and under is Junior and above will be Adult. The only exception for this rule will be the Dojo Administrators that will see an extra button to pay for the Dojo Fees along with his/her membership fees button.

Q: Availability of Payment Buttons

Payment buttons will be used to pay a variety of CKF events, from Membership to Grading however,
  • Payment options Won't be available once you have finished your payment that will avoid you to make the mistake of paying twice (unlikely but it may happen)
  • Payment of grading fees will also be driven by rank. For example, if your current rank is Sho-Dan then, you will be billed automatically for Ni-Dan ONLY, that will also help to avoid mistakes
  • Future grading applications will also be driven by the date of your current rank. For example, if you got your Sho-Dan in December 2006 that means that you won't be elegible to grade until December 2008 (2 years minimmum waiting period mandatory by CKF's regulations)

Q: My kids don't have a credit card, how I will pay for them?

In this case do the following:
  1. Login into the CKF secure site using YOUR CHILDREN's CREDENTIALS (provided when you registered them on-line)
  2. Go to the payment page. A payment button for Junior's fees will display
  3. Click on that button, it will re-direct you to PayPal's secure site.
  4. Finish the payment using your credit card or paypal account.
Please notice that you are using your children's credentials to login into the CKF and your own credit card for the payment; that's because what it counts for the CKF is the MemberID. Also, the payment buttons are displayed based on age therefore, if you login as yourself, the payment button displayed will be only for Adult fees and not for Junior

Q: Do I have to setup a PayPal account?

No, it is not required. You can use your credit card through PayPal to make your payment however, it would be better if you setup an account with PayPal because it will make the payment process much easier and also it will give you more flexibility such as:
  • Different payment options, not just your credit card
  • You can transfer money from your bank to your PayPal account and use it for your payment, it will be like cash
  • You will have records of all your payments always available

Q: Is it difficult to setup a PayPal account?

No, it is not. The process is fairly simple and it is free.

Q: Can I see how the payment process looks like?

Yes, Please click here


Dojo Administrators
Q: I am the adminstrator for my Dojo, what do I need to do?

First, you have to register online with the CKF. Once you have obtained your unique memberID number, please send an email to [email protected] and mention that you are the Dojo administrator for your Dojo (Dojo name) and also include your unique member number and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Can more than one person be set up as Dojo Administrator?

Yes, you can appoint more than one member of your Dojo as Dojo administrator, just follow the same steps as described in the previous question.
Q: Can I be the adminstrator for 2 different dojos?

NO. At this point, you can be the administrator of only one Dojo and that Dojo has to be listed as your "Main" Dojo.
Q: OK, I am now a Dojo administrator, what's next?

Once you got confirmation from the CKF that you have been appointed as Dojo administrator, you have to login back into our system with your regular credentials. Now you will see two extra menu options (it won't be available to regular members) as follows:
  • Dojo Membership Payment Option - This option will NOT appear again after the payment of your Dojo fees went through and it will re-appear when your next payment is due.
  • Member's List - This option will allow you to see a list of all the members of your Dojo who have already registered online with the CKF. You will be able to see basic information about them and also you will be able to email individuals directly from that list.
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